Patricia Chao Ferreiro

Who is behind Tartaruga?

I was a lawyer who one day decided to quit my job from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon and start my own fashion business.

I began to create my dream by traveling to Brazil, Colombia, Greece and Portugal in search of capable artisans and manufacturers to bring to reality an individual idea that is not only about fashion but also about a genuine way of life:


Today, Tartaruga is a premium beachwear and lifestyle brand with a genuine focus on sustainability ...

One day ... I took a deep breath and threw myself with a suitcase full of what I believed to be treasures ... making my way as I walked: my wings, they are my legs ...

My passion, all the colors that surround me, turning them into a set of my own chromaticism that cannot be found in regular pantone codes

My inspiration: letting my instincts and intuition guide my mind.

Patricia chao

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