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Blessed Blue Electric Bracelet
Blessed Blue Electric Bracelet
Blessed Blue Electric Bracelet
Blessed Blue Electric Bracelet

Blessed Blue Electric Bracelet

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Bracelet handmade in Brazil, with magnet clasp and gold plated. It has a miniature Our Father plaque.

For the creation of this bracelet we have used leather, silk threads, satin and shiny enamels.

We work with associations of Brazilian women who create each of our pieces with great care and dedication.

This bracelet is considered a semi-jeweled bracelet.

Limited units.


Immerse yourself in elegance and devotion with our captivating bracelet handcrafted in Brazil. Every detail of this exquisite piece has been meticulously designed to radiate beauty and meaning. With a magnet clasp and gold plating that shimmers with splendor, this bracelet is more than just jewelry; it is an expression of faith and style.

At the center of this bracelet, a delicate plaque features the Lord's Prayer written in miniature, infusing each moment with a sense of spirituality and connection. The combination of leather, silk threads, satin and shimmering enamels creates a harmony of textures and colors that captivate the eye and enchant the heart.

We work in partnership with Brazilian women's associations, whose exceptional craftsmanship and tireless dedication bring each of our pieces to life with unparalleled care and passion. This bracelet, considered a semi-jewel, is the result of their hard work and extraordinary talent.

With limited units available, this bracelet is a must-have addition to any accessories collection, a timeless piece that reflects both devotion and refined style. Be captivated by its beauty and depth of meaning, and make every day an expression of your faith and elegance.

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Gold plated Zamac
Silk threads
Synthetic leather
Unique (U)
Blue Electric
Washing instructions
Do not wet and avoid perfumes
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