Tartaruga has evolved throughout the past 10 years from a casual resort-leisure wear brand to a genuine and diversified pure author’s total look collection comprising fashion jewellery, apparel and more

Inspired by the Mediterranean sea, the Ibiza-style, showing a refined boho-chic and an impeccable product manufacturing Tartaruga is now launching its Summer 19 collections

Dresses, tunics and blouses in colors full of energy and dynamism: blues, whites and pinks, starring spectacular embroideries, bags and clutches decorated with tassels and embroidery bonbons, necklaces of coins and pompoms ..., a flood of multicoloured joy that floods the afternoons of magical summers and most special occasions

Designed  in Spain with passion and manufactured across the world at specialized handcraft ateliers on a sustainable manner showing high manufacturing standards

Sold at premium locations at nearly 300 points of sale in Spain,Portugal, France, Italy, and Czech Republic Tartaruga shows the huge potential as the most promising fashion label right now in Europe

Welcome to our big family of Tartaruga friends worldwide!